Say “YES” to taking the next step on your soul’s path with Andrea Haynes of Abounding Spirit! Reconnect with your Divine Wisdom, uncover your unique soul gifts, and manifest real results in your life, health, business, and relationships. Isn’t it time for a POSITIVE change?

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Are you stuck in some area of your life or business and can’t seem to move forward, no matter how hard you try?  Are you overwhelmed, or anxious, or sick and tired? Are you repeating patterns of behavior that make no sense to you? Have you worked hard to have it all, but nothing fills the empty place inside?

It’s time to reclaim your joy and move forward on your soul’s path with an Intuitive Soul Reading. This multi-pronged service eliminates the soul-level issues that are holding you back from manifesting your desires, strengthens  and clears your connection to your Divine Self, and uncovers a path for moving forward in your life and business with clarity and confidence. 

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One-on-One Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching Packages

Now that you are clear, what do you choose to manifest in your life? Are you living the life you desire? What dreams would you like to reclaim and achieve?

Spiritual coaching packages unveil the truth of your Divine Self, help you develop a plan of action for manifesting your dreams, and gives you the tools for transformational shifts with powerful, lasting results for your health, business, relationships, and life.  

Take the next step in the evolution of you through one-on-one coaching; a personalized, intensive VIP DAY; or a powerful, supportive group coaching package.

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Looking for an engaging speaker for your event?
Get inspired, energized, and focused! From key-note speeches to intimate house parties, Andrea captivates, engages, and motivates on topics such as Intuitive Development, Entrepreneurship and Intuition, and Mindfulness.
Get inspired discovering how research shows that using your intuition super-power positively impacts your decision-making. Reclaim your peace and clarity as you practice simple mindfulness techniques that cut off anxiety at the source. Discover inspired guidance and creative solutions as you explore easy ways to connect with your own inner wisdom. Set a course for success in your life and business as you leave with tools to enhance your decision-making, problem-solving, and action-taking! 


Get Results.

Clients seek me out for many reasons: when they are stuck and feel they have exhausted all options AND themselves; when they are faced with a health, relationship, or career challenge or full-blown crisis and don’t know how to proceed; when the energy of a situation, relationship, or place feels “wrong” and they want to bring in more light, positive energy, and peace.  Below are a few of the testimonials that clients have given me to share.  Please understand that the nature of the work is profoundly personal and can be quite transformational, and rest assured that I keep all client information strictly confidential.

Andrea is a natural healer. The love for what she does shines through in her thoroughness and detail oriented approach to full awareness and understanding of her client’s needs. Her work is done in a loving and thoughtful way as to be of highest service to her clients.  It was pure joy working with Andrea and the priceless insights.”

Mikayla Latta
MUUV dance | yoga | love; Boise, ID

Andrea has such a calming energy, yet powerful presence. She is a master at drawing out and addressing exactly the issue you need to work on each time, even if you’re not aware of what that issue is when you begin your session. And by the end of your time together, you feel grounded and well prepared to move forward.”

Lori Rabbit
Zen Rabbit –

“Workshop participants rated Andrea‘s presentation on intuition as extremely relevant to their businesses…. It was ‘excellent’ and ‘helpful’ and ‘very engaging.’  Her personable, professional style and natural charisma generated a sense of warmth that kept the engagement factor high.”

Kristin Miriam Mead, PMP, CEO
Mead Project Management

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  • You are committed to taking action to change your present circumstances and are ready to embrace change.
  • You understand that we are all Divine and you would like to enhance your connection to Spirit.
  • You are open to the concept of reincarnation, understand the power of choice, and know that we have free will.


  • You are hoping for a magic pill to change your circumstances.

  • You believe that life happens TO you and you have no control over your choices or your actions.
  • You are shopping for a psychic and want to know exactly what the future will bring.

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