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Thanks for visiting and for clicking through to learn more about me. My specialty is clearing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles and helping individuals connect with their inner guidance so that they can move forward with joy and manifest abundance, health, and happiness in their lives, and I’m especially attuned to the needs of unfulfilled professionals, having been one myself!

All of my life I have been searching for meaning and a spiritual home for my heart. My faith background is Christian and throughout my adult life I have delved into many faiths and spiritual paths. What I discovered is that there are many paths and one destination; many branches, one tree. What is important for you is your journey, your path, and the lessons you learn while on it.  Your own spiritual practice, your divine connection, is the answer.

In college I majored in Theatre and Speech and then did a complete 180 and spent 19 years working for the Federal Government in the Federal immigration sector in both the law enforcement and service sides!  Although I was considered “successful” by traditional measures – I was a graduate of the USDA Executive Potential Program, a two-time winner of Vice President Gore’s Hammer Award for my facilitation and communication work, and ended my career as a senior manager – I was quietly miserable in a career that was at odds with my own  inner truth.

During my Federal career, I quit once to work at Wesley Theological Seminary to deepen my connection to the Divine and to try to ascertain whether I was being called to ministry, then after 9/11 I returned to Federal service to serve in that capacity.  Later on I took time off to really bond with my then-toddler daughter after we adopted her – and eventually I resigned when it was clear that I couldn’t combine a job I couldn’t stand with being a good mom, and that ignoring my inner truth was going to drive me crazy!  

To quote Rob Brezny:  “If you do not give birth to the brilliance within you, it will destroy you. If you give birth to the brilliance within you, it will free you.”

After I resigned my Federal job the second and final time, I combined my love of healing, the performing arts, and communication and worked in medical education as a Standardized Patient Educator teaching actors to be practice patients in the Schools of Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta and at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Throughout it all, I still felt that something was missing; I was hoping that an outside source would fill the empty space in my heart.  As I pursued my intuitive and healing studies outside of my career by becoming a Reiki practitioner, studying homeopathy extensively, and founding my own energy healing business, my intuitive and psychic skills opened up and I filled that hole in my heart with the Divine – with God, with Spirit – the only piece that precisely fit that hole! 

Of course, Spirit was always there, but I was looking in the wrong place.  Now, I am overjoyed by the certain knowledge of the interconnectedness of life – all life, by the fact that death is but a doorway to greater things, and by my personal experience of Spirit on a daily basis.  How amazingly present I am now to all that life offers – all of the miracles, synchronicities, and daily doses of abundance.

In 2014, I became certified as a Spiritual Coach and a Life Coach by the Life Purpose Institute (www.lifepurposeinstitute.com) and now I have added a wealth of coaching tools and approaches to my practice.  These coaching tools, combined with my energetic clearing and intuitive skills, have resulted in amazing transformations and astoundingly positive shifts for numerous individuals and, by their connectedness, their families and friends.  How happy I am to be on this path and to be sharing it with you.

Take the first step on your path and contact me for a free clarity consultation and to find out how I can help you on your path.  Believe me, the path is easier to walk if you share your load with someone else.

Bright blessings on you,

Abounding Spirit


“Andrea is a natural healer. The love for what she does shines through in her thoroughness and detail oriented approach to full awareness and understanding of her client’s needs. Her work is done in a loving and thoughtful way as to be of highest service to her clients. It was pure joy working with Andrea and the priceless insights.”- Mikayla Latta, MUUV dance | yoga | love; Boise, ID
Andrea has such a calming energy, yet powerful presence. She is a master at drawing out and addressing exactly the issue you need to work on each time, even if you’re not aware of what that issue is when you begin your session. And by the end of your time together, you feel grounded and well prepared to move forward.- Lori Saitz, Zen Rabbit – ZenRabbit.com
Andrea went above and beyond to help me with a challenge and took a lot of time to clear energies and bring in more peace and healing. She gave much insight and understanding into the session. It was warm, inspiring and encouraging experience. She is very gifted and connected to the light and you can feel that in her readings.- Jennifer Hart, Branding & Lifestyle Manager – Continuum Entertainment Group, San Diego, CA