Intuitive Soul Readings

It’s time to reclaim your joy and move forward on your soul’s path through an Intuitive Soul Reading. Let me eliminate the soul-level issues, outdated beliefs, and unwanted patterns that are holding you back from connecting with your true self, and I’ll also uncover your very own unique soul gifts and show you how to apply them in your life. Life can flow with ease and grace!

An Intuitive Soul Reading includes:

  • Targeted clearing and healing work completed PRIOR to your session to uncover what is holding you back and remove obstacles in your path.
  • A 1.5 hour transformative session conducted via telephone to discuss the detailed information uncovered in the clearing regarding what is holding you back at a soul level. I’ll also clear your energy, aura, and chakras; give you valuable insight and information on your soul gifts and how to apply them in your life; and help you develop strategies for moving forward that work best for YOU!
  • A downloadable MP3 file of the session so that you have a record of our work together and can focus on the session rather than taking notes!
  • Personalized follow-up homework including practical action steps to support you as you move forward on your soul path.

Your investment: $350

After you purchase your Intuitive Soul Reading and schedule your session, I’ll contact you to obtain some biographical information required to conduct your in-depth clearing and healing work. I keep all client information strictly confidential and honor your privacy and confidence.

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